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Rodzinne Gospodarstwo Rolne Ewa i Wojciech Jończyk

Address: Garzewko, Poland

Short description of the farm

The farm is run by two sisters, Agnieszka and Elżbieta Jończyk and their parents.
Agnieszka Jończyk is 32 years of age and is by profession a technologist in a research project and cattle breeding specialist at the Institute of Reproductive Immunology and Pathology. She is also the President of the Foundation for Young Cattle Breeder.
Actually daily works in farm her youngest sister – Elżbieta Jończyk, who is 28 years old and is a master in zootechnics a specialist of cows feeding. She is professional worker who take care of animals every day and she is responsible of them. Her passion on the farm behind the routine work is preparing cows for the shows .

The current size of the farm is 120ha of which corn accounts for 14ha, grassland for 43ha and cereals for 63ha. As far as agricultural activities go, the farm specializes on growing animal feed and herding dairy cattle – for milk and fattening. Other farm activities include organizing training for commercial partners and farmers and transfer of knowledge to students during practice on the farm.
The farm has developed a partnership with the local university (University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn) and agricultural school in Smolajny. It also cooperates with Animals Insemination Centre of Poland and Polish Federation of Cattle Breeders and Dairy Farmers in Warsaw. The farm organizes training courses for students and farmers on “how to prepare good silage for cows”.

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Open Day
Open Day at Apple Farm „Gospodarstwo Sadownicze Alina Paluch i córka”

Owner: Justyna Paluch

Short description of the farm

“We are a small family business that has been cultivating apple orchards in Podlasie for three generations now. A few years back the desire to further develop and follow the dynamically changing market and our customers’ needs resulted in the creation of a new product. That’s how our pressed juice – Samo Jabłko – came to be.

In our work, above all, we believe in common sense and honesty towards people and the natural environment. Which is why when making our juices we use only the healthiest apples, ones anyone would find pleasure in eating. We also make limited edition juices with the addition of seasonal fruit and vegetables. All fruit we press are locally grown, quality products.

The idea of the short food supply chain is close to our values, direct contact with our customers and consumers of our juice is important to us. We operate mainly on the local market and we run a small grocery store, door-to-door with our press hall, where you can buy our product directly. During summer season you can join us for one of our picnic garden breakfasts, and feast with your friends and family.”
Farm owners organise study visits and workshops for schoolchildren and adults (farmers, tourists, entrepreneurs) and all those interested in local fruit processing.

Open day timetable