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What was the seed that grew into what is now your rural natural business?

I decided to set up my own company producing fashionable products that are made of natural material. This allowed me to create employment for myself and also respond to a growing demand for environmentally friendly products.

What has been the biggest challenge you have overcome or lesson you have learnt as a female food entrepreneur?

The most difficult was to find money to purchase machinery and equipment, as well as to finance the services needed for creating the company’s website and online store.

What advice would you give to aspiring female food entrepreneurs?

High quality, environmentally friendly products are a growing market globally. This is driven by increasing social awareness about environment issues and the increasing tendency of consumers to turn away from products made from artificial materials – so increasing social awareness was the most important for me. Acquiring new markets should be a central goal of the company. This can be achieved by placing the company’s products on foreign websites and by participating in trade fairs.

If there had been (female entrepreneurial) training available to you before you set up your business would you have engaged with it? Did you do any training?

Yes, of course I would have loved to use it.

If you were interested in engaging with training/further training what areas would be of most interest to you?

I would take part in training on rural fashion and how to process Agri raw materials like wood for clothes. That’s what is very interesting for me.