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What was the seed for what is now your food business?

Food and the desire to cook have always provided me with enjoyment in life. They would never leave my mind. Which lead me in my choice to upskill and study later of work. I have been working in the professional kitchen for almost ten years in different roles; as a waitress, administrator, pizza baker and a chef. I also worked as a food section editor on a TV show and in a food magazine. It seemed like I had reached the peak of my career. But I seek to not take the easy path and instead of enjoying the fruits of my hard work I pushed myself out of the comfort zone and returned from the capital to my hometown Marijampole. c

Rūta Augustinavičiūtė
What has been the biggest hurdle you have overcome as a female food entrepreneur?

Starting a new business in a small town is a huge challenge. I knew a lot and had a lot of experience in restaurants business but in the beginning, it was very hard dealing with all the financial questions, paying taxes, salaries for employees and other important outgoings. I did not have any other business incomes to help or enough savings to cover all the required expenses. This led me to decide to close the restaurant after one year leaving me with a broken heart. I am active on social media, so I posted my decision on social media. That same evening, I received a proposal from my regular customer who was offering to become an investor to allow us continue our work. I went with my heart and gut and took the second chance and now we are successfully working for two years.                   

What is your best piece of advice for other aspiring female food entrepreneurs?
  • If you want to establish direct marketing, try to get as close as possible to your customers. Get to know your customers, talk to them, and find out what they expect, what they like and prefer. This information is very valuable for you.
  • Don’t get discouraged and keep going. Especially the beginning is hard, but if you don’t start working you will not succeed. You must work towards your goal, whether your parents, brothers or sisters believe in you.
  • Get out from your comfort zone! Even if you fail at the first time, always remember that there is a second, third and fourth chances just learn from each one.
If there was training available for you before you set up your business would you use it, or did you do any training.

I took everything from my past experience studies and working with and in other restaurants and projects. I did not have time to attend in trainings or other learning activities, but I think it is absolutely useful and I strongly recommend it to all people who are thinking about creating their own business or if they have such a possibility.

If you’d like training what areas would you like to it on specifically. Or if you did training did it help grow your business?

It would be interesting and useful to attend trainings about marketing, social management and law. I am pretty sure, even if I have a lot of experience I will participate in some trainings in the future because it is important to keep learning new skills to develop and grow the business in line with the changing laws, environments and trends.