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The “Court of Colours” Association

What was the seed for what is now your food business?

In 2011 I came to Romania to establish a social farm for disadvantaged women. Fast-forward to 2019 we are now growing vegetables and fruits and raising poultry and rabbits for our own needs and manufacture 12 different varieties of Italian cheeses. Which we sell to a local market to support our farm and use also for our own needs.

What has been the biggest challenge you have overcome or lesson you have learnt as a female food entrepreneur?

The biggest challenges I have overcome as a female food entrepreneur in Romania has been in bureaucracy and cultural differences. Over time, I have learned to deal with both these challenges, and I still to this day.

What advice would you give to aspiring female food entrepreneurs?

I would tell other aspiring female food entrepreneurs that they need to have a true passion for what they intend to do.

If there had been (female entrepreneurial) training available to you before you set up your business would you have engaged with it? Did you do any training?

Before I started my social farm, I did an apprenticeship programme at the workplace in a cheese factory in Italy.

If you were interested in engaging with training/further training what areas would be of most interest to you?

I currently don’t have time to attend any training but, if I had I believe I would need and benefit from it in several areas – manufacturing, management, marketing.

Court of Colours
The FFE in the cheese maturation room
Court of Colours
Court of Colours
The FFE in the cheese laboratory