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Cepta, is a food lover and home-chef eager to share her passion with others providing cookery demos, cookery classes & food experiences from the Cookalicious kitchen from her Oranmore home in Ireland, her clients home or workplaces. Cookalicious represents a brand that are passionate about cooking, ‘real’ food and sharing a love of all thing’s food through transferring real food skills and knowledge to their clients.
Cookalicious also run SupperClubs and CookClubs for private groups. Owner Cepta Mahon said, “I love cooking and creating delicious food and my passion is to share my skills and knowledge with others to help them to cook and eat real food too. What and how we eat is so important to our well-being. ‘Cookalicious’ is so much more than just a cookery class; it’s about the people, connection, togetherness, the good vibes and craic – it’s not just a cookery class, it’s a cookery experience, where eating, laughing and learning are always on the menu despite the season”.

Each ‘Cookalicious’ experience is shaped around what the client is looking for, so whether this is how to create an Indian feast, or how to host an elegant dinner party or how to create quick and nutritious family food or simple summer entertaining ideas, ‘Cookalicious’ promise to have a menu to suit everyone. 


If booking a class for your friends or colleagues, Cookalicious will arrive at your home or workplace and turn your kitchen into a ‘Pop-Up Cookery School’. Cepta will carry out a cookery demonstration creating a beautiful selection of dishes for you and your group.

“You get to see real food, cooked from scratch and of course eat everything that has been cooked. You even get a beautiful ‘Cookalicious’ Recipe Pack to recreate the dishes at home. Add to that the promise that the whole experience is delivered in a fabulously fun, sociable and engaging enviroment and fashion.
Having designed and delivered numerous classes and courses for Galway Community College, Connacht Rugby, the Deaf club, Early School Leavers Programmes and Supper Clubs for family and friends, Cepta is more than tuned into the appetite and need for cookery experiences in the Galway region.

When asked about the target market Cepta replied; “So far it has been mostly women aged between 30 & 50. In the future I am keen to target new moms, young couples and groups of friends in their 30s and 40s. I’d love to do classes for teenagers and pre-college students too”.

Cepta took part in the ‘Food Innovation’ and female specific ‘EMPOWER’ Programmes. She commented that they both have “helped in different areas to bring and shape her food idea into a business that is now an income and passion”. She commented that taking part in the programs “continue to help me to look at things differently, to adapt, tweak and change things and allow myself to simplify and take a step back when required. The continuing supports have given me the confidence to bring my idea to life. Words cannot describe the importance of the encouragement, the support and the mentoring we are given. Empower has given me a tribe of like-minded peers to lean on and bounce off. It has helped me to make my idea and passion that is ‘Cookalicious’ a real business that can I earn money from to provide for my family and can look to scale and grow.


Cepta was asked two questions to share with other FFEs:

  • What has been your biggest achievement to date as an FFE?

Cepta commented that; “It has been allowing myself take the risk in shaping an idea in my head into what is now known as ‘Cookalicious!’”.

  • Who has been your inspiration on your journey as an FFE?

Cepta commented that her biggest inspiration was; “Aoibhinn McNamara”, a lady that always jumps to her mind when asked this question.

“Aoibhinn is the creator of the well-known and loved Galway city gem of pure gorgeousness on the Spanish Arch, that is ‘Ard Bia’. A restaurant providing simple, beautiful, fuss-free food using local ingredients served in a space that is authentic and unique to Galway. It’s a place where Cepta commented ‘always makes me feel at home! Simple and perfect!’” – Cepta commented.